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WELCOME to the website of Boy Scout Troop 578 in Anaheim, California.

The site is filled with information about the programs, activities and traditions we have developed over the past twenty years. In that time, the Troop has been to the top of great mountains such as San Gorgonio, San Jacinto and Mt. Whitney; to the bottom of craters - Ebihibi in Death Valley, Kilauea in Hawaii; the local sea shores at San Clemente, Tin Can Beach; and to far away places such as Canada, Japan and Hawaii.


Congratulations Ryan, for your first place photo in the Boys Life Happy Birthday BSA photo contest! (Sunset at Mount Whitney)

ryan's 1st place photo





Thousand Island Hike


thousand island panorama


Link to Randy's Thousand Island pictures








Training Completion Date


Obon Snack Shack

Troop 578 will be the proving tasty food and treats at the upcoming Obon practice. Food will be available from 6:30pm - 9:00pm on the following dates:


Tue: July 1, 8, 14

Thu: July 3, 10, 16


Sales on July 8 will help fund Spencer Kubo’s Eagle project. Sales on July 10 will help fund Bradley Nishida’s Eagle project.


All other sales benefit the Belize/Northern Tier events.



Summer Camp - Fiesta Island

July 6-12

Mission Bay in San Diego will be the site for Summer Camp II. We’re all looking forward to this first event with the new Scouts.




July 17-20

This year’s annual Obon festival promises to be big now that the new Social Hall nears completion. Click the link below for sign up for your shift...

Obon Sign-up Sheet.

New BSA Medical Form

The new BSA Medical form is on the Troop 578 website. Click this link to download the BSA Medical Form.



Troop 578 E-Waste Program

The troop has a running tab for electronic waste drop off at:


Omni Technics Inc. 

3407 Cerritos Avenue

Los Alamitos, CA 90720


Gordon Ng, owner


E- Waste drop off day is Wednesdays from 11am-5:30 pm but you can call Gordon to see if he is at the site or set up a drop off day/time.


Just say it is for OCBC Boy Scout Troop 578 and our troop will get the fund$.



Belize and Northern Tier

Fundraising Events and Sign Ups

Please go to the Google Docs link to sign up and view upcoming fundraising events updates for the Belize and Northern Tier trips.

Click here to access the Belize/Northern Tier Fundraising doc.

Thank you.

The "BNT" families,